From Concept to Reality


“Walter Trupp’s personal signature goes into every dish you make!”

Established in 2011, international three hat chef Walter Trupp is the brainchild of Trupp Cooking School.

In addition to his exceptional culinary skills, Walter has single handedly created and written every cooking class available to you. Walters hands on involvement from the creation to the preparation and execution of a cooking class means his personal signature goes into every dish you come to make, bringing the potential three hat chef out in you!

Experience the art of cooking in an ultramodern kitchen that emphasises fun, conversation, skill development and healthy living.

Special thanks is given to the Robertson family – Mark, Anne, Will, Lachlan & Oliver – who supported the concept and over the years helped to make the cooking school a reality.


Key Features

Trupp Cooking School in Melbourne has been designed to accommodate a wide range of interests and abilities, with a wealth of courses created for those just starting out in the kitchen, through to those who are confident gourmet chefs.  You will cook in copper and Le Creuset pots and get to try out leading appliances. Also, Trupp Cooking School is located within a block of Prahran Market so that our classes can take advantage of all of the benefits that this wonderful food district has to offer.

Educational and fun  – All of our classes are guided, interactive and fun. From our experience, this is the only way for you to learn about food and improve your cooking skills.  We also keep our class numbers low so that we can spend lots of ‘one on one’ time with you and show you every little detail of food preparation. This also means we can run our classes for longer.

Choose from a wide selection of classes – You can choose from over 30 different classes.   If you want to improve your knife skills, develop your skills in regional cooking styles, or learn about probiotic foods, we have a class for you.  Trupp offers basic cooking classes in Melbourne, check out our cooking class schedule for the full list of class offerings.


Sit-down sessions: Catering for up to 12 students.

These classes are fast paced and highly entertaining. Students experience a master class in specific cooking techniques and tricks, supplemented by expert food composition and shopping tips. They are ideal for anyone who is interested in food sources and preparation, and is looking for a skill-enhancing activity after work.

Aside from having the chance to enjoy the great food that is created, paired with a glass or two of wine, each participant also receives a recipe book so that the demonstration dishes can be replicated at home.


Hands-on sessions: Intimate learning sessions for up to 10 students.

Each participant selects and cooks dishes from the menu provided, using the professional-standard appliances that are made available. Groups are kept small to ensure that no student misses any vital information regarding food preparation and cooking techniques.

Courses run over half a day, a full day and sometimes over a few weeks, so that students can get the most out of the training offered. Each course is designed to be interactive, so that each participant can learn a full range of techniques and approaches.

The group is treated to the meals that everyone has helped prepare, complimented by matching wines. Each student leaves with a full recipe book, so they can apply their new skills at home.

For most sessions, Walter will be your teacher and host. However, for some classes, as outlined in the course program, you may be treated to guest chefs from around Melbourne, across Australia, or from elsewhere in the world, experts who will share their skills and simply join in the fun.


Private sessions: Bookings for private lessons and corporate functions.

Corporate and individual training – If the scheduled classes are not for you, we can host the best corporate functions and will give you exactly what you are after. We have some great corporate offers and we are also happy to go out of our way to design a special event for you.

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