Balance your body effortlessly with living raw foods


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With Walter Trupp

You don’t need to stumble across some ‘miracle’ method to achieve a great looking, healthy appearance. This can easily be attained by increasing the flow of key nutrients into your body.

Learn about biodynamic and organic plant-based foods that can energise your body and how cooking and processing can rob some foods of vital nutrients and enzymes, making them difficult to digest. Learn  how you can instead add to your diet living raw foods that help to optimise your energy levels.

The recipes you will encounter on this fun and informative raw food journey include curries, salads, sprouts, pizza, pasta and cakes.

Superfoods and healthy foods such as seaweed, chia seeds, kale, grasses, coconut and raw cacao are all well covered in the hands-on cooking on the session.

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Balance your body effortlessly with living raw foods

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