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Classic Sauces- New!


Duration: 3 Hours Time: 6:00pm Category: Share:

Chef: Walter Trupp

Format: Hands on

“Sauces bring a dish together” so the French say! They also say that a sauce acts as the bridge between food and wine. In this session we challenge “French sauce cooking” and experience the meaning of those words. You will experience Sauces, Jus, Glaze, Béarnaise and all the other sauces classic you always wanted to make at home.

You learn how to make a wide range of cold sauces such as vinaigrettes, mayonnaise style sauces. The hot sauce part is where it becomes serious when fish, poultry, shellfish and brown veal stocks are boiled and turned into gravy style sauces such as red wine glaze, Madeira glace and many others. White sauces like Veloute’s, Béchamel and Mornay lead to the hot Egg sauces such as hollandaise, béarnaise and sabayons. Plenty of butter will be used in Beurre Blanc`s before we finish of with some more unusual emulsions.

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Classic Sauces
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