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Classic restaurant Tart’s and Soufflés- New!


Duration: 5.5 Hours Time: 9am Category: Share:

Chef: Walter Trupp

Format: Hands on

When Walter ran his restaurant in Austria he travelled every autumn to France to eat in some of the best restaurants in France and when visiting the more classic establishments like Giradet, Jamin, Paul Bocuse, Alain Chapel and Mere Blanc the dessert trolley were always filled with some impressive sweet tart’s. In this session you will recreate with Walter some of those all-time classics which today undeservingly disappeared from most fine dining restaurants and learn how to make perfect lemon tarte, tarte tatin, winter and almond fruit tarte, chocolate tarte, treacle tarte, hazelnut tarte, vanilla custard tarte, rhubarb crumble tarte, pineapple tarte fine with rum Chantilly and tarte fromage blanc.

Classic restaurant tart’s and souflees
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