Cooking for beginners


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Cooking for beginners



June Dates

Wednesdays 14th, 21st & 28th June from 6pm to 9pm

July Dates

Thursdays 20th, 27th & 3rd August from 6pm to 9pm

These three sessions cover all the essential knowledge you need to run a successful and healthy home kitchen.

Learn about the different equipment you should acquire, the utensils you need and those you don’t need, which ones are safe or harmful and which ones are best to use. Understand the different types of cooking, food hygiene, food vocabulary, recipe reading, and recipe writing/collecting and discuss with us your experiences.

On the market tour, you will learn how to choose fresh produce, before you practise basic knife skills and cook up a storm with simple and quick, everyday meals such as: pastas, stir fries, curries, casserole dishes, roasted meat and fish, salads, soups and sweets, before receiving the ultimate beginner’s guide: “How to become a perfect home cook”.
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Cooking for Beginners

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