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Corporate Cooking Events & Functions with Walter Trupp

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Trupp Cooking School in Melbourne offers a wide range of interactive team building, corporate cooking event classes and functions as well as cooking classes.


Interactive Team Building and Corporate Cooking Events can range from a variety of options with Walter Trupp in his kitchen.

Corporate Cooking Events click here for the following options:

The Chef’s Challenge with Walter Trupp

Shop and Cook with Walter Trupp

Private Chef Dinners with Walter Trupp

Partially Hands on Cooking Classes with Walter Trupp

The Mystery Box Challenge with Walter Trupp

Interactive Team Building with Walter Trupp




FUNCTIONS – Available for External and Internal Functions

From Hens parties & birthdays to private dinners….

Whatever the occasion, kick start your party with an interactive and fun cooking experience. You can cook in competitive teams, prepare a banquette together as a group or have Walter cook for you. There will always be a delicious feast involved.

Functions are fun and interactive. You can come and learn new skills and techniques from internationally renowned three-hat chef Walter Trupp or simple sit back for a dining experience with a private chef dinner party. Also available for Venue Hire.

Click here for more information on Functions and Venue Hire