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Interactive Team Building with Walter Trupp


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Interactive Team Building (partially hands-on; $130.00 per person)

This is the perfect event for bringing together corporate and social groups in a fun environment to have the ultimate food experience.

Your group will split up into small teams which will each study their allocated recipes and, with Walter’s help, decide on a team name and a strategy for entertaining the other participants. Now the fun begins. Each team takes to the ‘stage’ to present their version of a 10- to 15-minute television cooking show, trying as hard as they can to amuse their audience while cooking their recipes – doing imitations, singing, dancing, telling ridiculous stories, whatever they feel inspired to do.

Teams will award each other points for their entertainment skills before the completed dishes are judged for their taste and presentation. The food will then be served to participants in our dining room, along with a glass of wine or beer, and the winning team will receive a prize from us.

The menu for this entertaining and delicious class includes entrees such as rice paper rolls, Thai BBQ prawns, Vietnamese oysters and pandan chicken. Main courses  include Thai roast pumpkin, spinach and chickpea curry, a made-from-scratch Malaysian beef rendang, a beautiful soy-pot roasted whole chicken, and an amazing braised pork belly with star anise and ginger.

The current themes of Interactive Team Building are as follows. (Note that the choice of dishes can be tailored to your own preferences. Please inform us of food intolerances or other requirements and we will adjust the menu to suit your needs.)


This ultimate Mexican feast contains all the classics of that famous cuisine, which you can enjoy with a bottle of cold beer or a glass of chilled wine:

–      soft-shelled goat’s cheese and capsicum tacos with jalapeno sauce

–      chorizo guacamole in tacos with sour cream

–      prawn salad with a salsa of avocado, mango, honey, lime and roasted pumpkin seeds

–      smoky chipotle baked fish with roasted tomatoes and purple potatoes

–      braised goat birria with tortillas

–      red chilli beef with rice, red beans and a spicy molé sauce

–      corn and almond pancakes with spiced pineapple

–      churros with melted chilli chocolate


Prepare some authentic Spanish tapas before cooking up some unique paellas:

–      mushrooms stuffed with Serrano ham

–      dates with sobrasada and chorizo

–      baked goat’s cheese with garlic and tomato oil

–      prawn and chicken skewers

–      mixed-meat chorizo and seafood paella with aioli

–      ’black paella’ made from squids and their ink

–      fideuà (a pasta paella)

–      almond and honey paella with seasonal fruits


Enjoy the unique and refreshing flavours of Vietnam:

–      Vietnamese beef salad

–      muc rang muoi (five-spice squid)

–      cha gio (Vietnamese spring rolls)

–      nuoc cham (dipping sauce)

–      pho soup with chicken

–      bo luc lac (shaking beef)

–      seafood and coconut curry

–      xôi vị lá dứa đậu xanh pandan (coconut rice with mung beans wrapped in pandan leafs with seasonal fruits – a sweet with which to finish your feast)

International curries

Re-create some delicious curries from around the world:

–      green Thai chicken curry

–      Mexican birria with tortillas

–      Bengal prawn masala

–      beef korma

–      butter chicken

–      palak paneer (vegetarian)

–      fish dhansak

–      vegetable biryani (vegetarian)

Traditional French

A bon appétit is all that you require when preparing these traditional French dishes:

–      oyster vinaigrette with smoked salmon

–      French onion soup

–      bouillabaisse

–      beef burgundy

–      cassoulet

–      potato gratin

–      chocolate mousse

–      berry compote


Moroccan food tastes warm and rich, especially the signature tagines, and is never short of invigorating spices and flavours:

–      chicken bastilla with honey and almonds

–      lamb tagine with figs and dates

–      chicken and olive tagine with preserved lemon

–      meatball tagine

–      rabbit tagine with almonds, prunes and honey

–      harissa mussel tagine

–      Egyptian prawns and cuttlefish tagine

–      tabouli salad and couscous

–      orange and almond flan with sweet spices

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Interactive Team Building with Walter Trupp

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