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Curing and smoking – New Class!


Duration: 5.5 Hours Time: 9:00am Category: Share:

Chef: Walter Trupp

Format: Hands on

The ancient crafts of curing and smoking meat are as satisfying now as they were thousands of years ago. Learn the traditional artisan methods that have stood the test of time, and how to make your own delicious charcuterie.

Learn all about the various cuts of meat that are suitable for curing and about:


   Different breeds of pigs and the importance of age when curing
   The important qualities of meat and curing ingredients
   Introductory science of curing
   A range of curing methods including dry salt curing and brining
   Hot and cold smoking of meats
   Common problems and issues encountered when curing and smoking and how to overcome them
During this hands-on sessions, you will learn how to make the following product:
Salami, Coppa, Guanciale, Brine-cured traditional ox tongue, Hot smoked style sausage, Pancetta, Hot smoked pork tenderloin, Ham hock terrine, Salt beef Duck prosciutto, Smoked BBQ beef and pork ribs and smoked meats and fish.
Refreshments and an informal lunch will be included. All ingredients, equipment and recipes are provided by the School.
Products on this course may vary seasonally from what is advertised.

Curing and Smoking
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