Dumpling Masterclass with Lou Wong

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Discover your inner dumpling maker with Lou Wong

Click on this link to book your ticket:   http://bit.ly/1MY3n5O

This is the ultimate Dumpling Master Class in which you will make dumplings wrapped in leaf, covered in rice and encased in a wrapper.

The hands-on learning includes making translucent dough from scratch, which is the basis of many yum cha dumplings. We make the classic prawn dumpling with the best quality prawns from Aptus Seafoods of South Melbourne Market and a delicious vegetarian dumpling; both are encased in two different dumpling shapes which you will learn to make from the translucent dough.

  • Techniques and tips for pleating different shapes will be taught.
  • Lou will work alongside you so that you receive her step-by-step instructions.

You will make delicate Shanghai pearl balls: tiny meatballs infused with flavour and covered in grains of glistening rice.

Then there’s the delightful Lotus Leaf rice parcels-filled with sticky rice, chicken, shiitake and Chinese sausage – a little meal in a big lotus leaf that is then steamed.

Enjoy your handmade dumplings of deliciousness, dipped in flavourful sauces and complimented with a refreshing Asian slaw.  You will go home with the confidence of making your own dumplings with your own folder of detailed recipes.

Please note Trupp Cooking School does not accept bookings for Dumpling Mania.  Contact Lou Wong on 0412 095 822 if you have any questions

Click on this link to book your ticket:   http://bit.ly/1MY3n5O 


Make your own dumplings with Lou Wong
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