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Molecular Gastronomy


Duration: 5.5 Hours Time: 9:00am Category: Share:

Chef: Walter Trupp

Format: Hands on

In both traditional and modernist cuisine, cooking transforms food ingredients chemically and physically. In this workshop, you will be introduced to the scientific and creative movement of molecular gastronomy and the powerful impact of scientific inquiry on cooking techniques. We will focus on some of the common ways that food texture or phase state can be manipulated in interesting ways and take you through the hands-on basic process and popular techniques in “molecular” cuisine, primarily altering appearance and texture of foods such as food foams, gel spheres and edible soils.

This workshop is great for avid cooks, or anyone interested to pick up on a new toolkit. Learn the tricks and treats of molecular gastronomy or just join the fun of modern cooking and surprise your friends at your next dinner party!

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