Pastry Masterclass


Duration: 5.5 Hours Time: 9:00am Category: Share:

Format : Hands on

Chef : Walter Trupp

In this session you will discover how real butter puff pastry and croissant dough is correctly made. You will also learn how to make the famous dark cacao puff pastry of Joel Robuchon as well as different brioches and choux pastries for different uses. While the dough’s are going through their “tours “and proofing stages you will hear about their history and how their commercial counterparts are produced and the highly questionable food additives they contain. See how dough can be frozen and stored for further uses and how their off cuts are recycled so that nothing is lost. The session ends by enjoying these delicate creations in the form of pastries, croissants, puffs, cushions and vol au vent sweet and savoury.

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