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Shellfish Masterclass


Duration: 3 Hours Time: 6:00pm Category: Share:


You will learn about deveining prawns, cleaning shellfish, preparing squid and octopus, opening oysters, storing, and freezing/ defrosting them, and all the essentials of fish knives and fish cooking utensils.

You also learn to make a proper shellfish stock/bisque so that nothing is wasted from these valuable creatures.

Recipes include entrée and main course recipes such as Ginger Scallops, Scallop and Prawn Carpaccio, Octopus Carpaccio, Crabs in Avocado with Curried Olive Salsa, Mussels and Clams cooked three ways, Three Way Oysters, Prawns in Sherry and Honey Glaze, Spanish style Calamari (or octopus) and Roast Pepper Salad, Calamari Stuffed with a Moroccan style dried fruit, Open Seafood Lasagne, and more!


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