Stress-free Christmas lunch


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Christmas day without any stress is rare for those who have to cook and clean up, not to mention the huge leftovers to be dealt with.  This session teaches you how to plan and shop well ahead so you can enjoy a perfect Christmas lunch as well as save money and reduce the clutter in your kitchen.

Recipes include traditional fare such as seafood cocktail/platter, roast turkey, glazed ham, homemade cranberry sauce and vegetables and homemade Christmas pudding. A lighter Christmas is also prepared with Gravlax and Dill Cucumbers, Crackling Pork Loin with Honey and Soy Glaze on Asparagus, and Christmas Semi Freddo with Berry Compote, as well as some other christmas treats.

Additionally there are plenty of tips on how to utilise leftovers and how to avoid health issues from food spoilage.

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Stress-free Christmas lunch

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