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The Chef’s Challenge with Walter Trupp


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The Chef’s Challenge (hands-on; $130.00 per person)

The Chef’s Challenge allows you to work and compete with your colleagues and friends in the most entertaining way – while creating a fabulous feast!

Your group will be split into teams of two or three people. Each team will get a recipe or two, depending on the chosen cuisine, and after a few minutes spent discussing your dishes and cooking strategies with Walter, you will go and gather your ingredients. You may even have to pay a quick visit to Prahran Market, which is just 60 metres from our school (we’ll supply the cash for this shopping trip).

Once you have your ingredients, it’s game on. For the first half of your cooking challenge, Walter will be on hand with tips and advice. After that, there’s no more free help or advice. A team will need to ‘buy’ further help from Walter, which means a slight deduction of points from their cooking score. This isn’t as bad as it sounds – a special tip or trick could give you the edge over your competitors.

Once all of the dishes have been completed, you will serve and garnish them using our beautiful designer plates and bowls, and copper and Le Creuset pots – and all of your creativity! Then it’s time to relax and enjoy a glass of beer or wine, such as the sparkling prosecco, before moving into the dining room to enjoy an amazing meal.

Walter will give a light-hearted summary of everything that happened during the cooking segment – funny things happen when you cook. Each team will then judge their competitors’ dishes, and the winner (and loser) of the event will be announced. The winner will receive a gift from us.

The current themes of The Chef’s Challenge are as follows. (Note that the choice of dishes can be tailored to your own preferences. Please inform us of food intolerances or other requirements and we will adjust the menu to suit your needs.)

Traditional French

Enjoy some all-time French classics:

–      cheese puffs

–      smoked salmon roulade with a fennel, orange salad and mustard dressing

–      French onion soup with Gruyère croutons

–      duck à la orange with potato gratin and braised cabbage

–      apple tarte tatin with homemade vanilla ice-cream

Modern French

Go for something a bit more modern and add a touch of nouvelle cuisine to your function:

–      scallops on saffron jus and orange fennel

–      oysters with red wine onions topped with sour cream and watercress relish

–      parsley cappuccino with salmon confit

–      mushroom-crusted eye fillet with red wine glacé fondant potatoes and seasonal vegetables

–      chocolate soufflé with liquid ganache and crème Chantilly


Spanish cooking is one of the most exciting and fashionable cuisines around, and you’ll see why when you cook these dishes:

–      Spanish salted cod with a white bean and roast pepper salad

–      crispy cod and pork with a caper, berry and parsley salad

–      lamb balls with pimento and bean salad with pine nuts and cured chorizo

–      creamy bomba rice pudding with vanilla, mango and almonds

–      sangria jelly with citrus sorbet


Italian cooking is simple and delicious. With this menu, you will cook some Italian classics which are guaranteed to become personal favourites:

–      trevisano and endive salad with soft-pear, pecorino and walnut dressing

–      homemade spaghetti con pancetta

–      risotto with either squid and the sea creature’s ink or sweet corn, carrot and scallops

–      osso buco with Roman gnocchi and gremolata

–      panna cotta with either summer berry compote or burned cream and stracciatella ice-cream


Experience the joys of Mexican cuisine by cooking up the following exciting, spicy and clean flavours (and using some ingredients you’ve never heard of before):

–      chilled prawn and avocado soup with crispy tacos

–      chicken and corn tamales with coriander and sour cream relish

–      huevos rancheros

–      BBQ pork with chipotle chilli sauce in tortillas

–      chocolate and tamarind cream with a hint of chilli

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