Devoted to Nutrition

Dorota is an expert Nutritionist. She empowers you to make better dietary choices and live a healthier and happier life. She offers one-on one consultation and nutritional workshops at Trupp Cooking School.

As a Nutritionist and a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Association and certified GAPS practitioner Dorota uses nutritional treatments to improve digestive health and overall well-being.
Dorota promotes whole-food and nutrient rich diets and provides leading-edge expertise about cooking, nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Dorota is also a published writer and makes frequent media appearances. She is co-author of the publication Trupp’s Whole-food Kitchen and co-counder of Trupp Cooking School. She is a former contributor to the magazines Australian Natural Health and Nourish. She is a regular guest on Vision Australia Radio, where she has hosted the Contemporary Nutrition Series on the Table Talk program.

Dorota is also experienced presenter, both on camera and live. She delivers dynamic presentations for corporate business and creates high quality video content, where she puts her public speaking skills to good use. Dorota presents on a variety of topics related to health, nutrition, diet, well-being and lifestyle.

Dorota knows firsthand what it’s like to live with poor digestive health, having suffered from a fragile immune system when she was younger. She endured constant infection and became overmedicated and sensitive to many foods. Robbed of energy, she spent lots of time in bed at home and in hospital.

But she successfully overcame these challenges and has since devoted her life to researching what it takes to restore and protect health, and putting this knowledge into practice.

Dorota’s professional path has included the completion of:

Diploma of Environmental Protection at ZSISCKU in her home country Poland, Gdansk
Bachelor of Health Sciences, majoring in Nutritional Medicine at ECNH in Melbourne
Membership of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society

Dorota loves photography. Throughout her career she has been using her skill with imagery to express her passion for a healthy lifestyle and food. Her visual work has featured prominently in food books and magazines, cafes, and on websites.

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Dorota Trupp