Goat cheese Tarte with Butternut Confit



This is just such a great entrée designed and personally crafted by Walter Trupp.

This dish is easily learnable, among many other beautiful and tasty dishes that you get to cook when you become a part of our Chef @ Home Cooking Academy.

All the ingredients can be prepared well ahead and if you do not have any ring moulds just go to a hard ware shop and ask them to cut you rings of a plastic pipe, which is really the cheapest option.


Preparation Time:       30 minutes

Completion Time:       2 hours

Special equipment:     Electrolux masterpiece food processor

                                    Or Electrolux masterpiece immersion blender

Serves 4



The short crust ingredients 


100 grams butter

175 grams whole meal flour

Pinch of salt

1 teaspoons sugar

3 tablespoon of water

1-egg yolks



1; Insert the paddle into the food processor (or attach the spiral whisks to the immersion blender and use a bowl to blend the mixture).

2; Add the butter and flour in a mixer at medium speed.

3; once combined add the salt, sugar, water and yolks.

4; Add this mixture to the dough at low speed and beat until well combined.

5; switch on your Electrolux oven to 180 degrees traditional bake.

6; Roll out the dough between two sheets of baking paper (about 3mm thick)

7; Bake until lightly golden, chill to room temperature and than crush it into crumbles.



The butternut Confit Ingredients 

1 large butternut squash peeled

½ preserved lemon

½ cup of water


Method Butternut Confit

1; Insert the spindle without paddle and attach the rough shredding blade and grate first the lemon and than the pumpkin.

2; place into a pot and add the water and cover with a lid and once it steams strongly cook for approx. 10 minutes (check if there is enough water so that the pumpkin does not burn. If the pot gets too dry add a little more water).

3; chill to room temperature.


The goat cheese topping ingredients 

300 grams fresh goat cheese


Method goat cheese

 Between two sheets of baking paper roll out the goat cheese approx. 3-4 mm thick.



Some fresh herbs and some olive oil and balsamic to drizzle around the dish.


To assemble

Moisten the crumbles with a little water and press them into four little ring moulds

2; top with some of the pumpkin.3; remove the ring and cut out a circle of goat cheese and top the tarts with it.

3; garnish with some of the herbs and some balsamic and olive oil drops

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