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Creme Brulee

Crème Brule

  Crème Brule is an all time classic delicacy that melts on your tongue. If you want to flavour your Crème Brule with things like passion fruit, berry coulis, Malibu or Grand Marnier you need to reduce the amount of milk content by however much additional...


“Hachis Parmentier” (Left over pie)

  We all love a bit of pie! It is an easy heart warming and nutritious meal. Since it is a left over pie you can of course add other left over’s like other vegetables or sausages. A versatile dish, if you want to make this dish...

Traditionally French!

Flour less Chocolate soufflé

Traditionally French!  This is the most delicious chocolate soufflé! It is very easy to do and does not collapse easily. You can pre-make all the components of the dessert well ahead of time. What you cannot do is the whisking of the egg white, this you will have...


Goat cheese Tarte with Butternut Confit

  This is just such a great entrée designed and personally crafted by Walter Trupp. This dish is easily learnable, among many other beautiful and tasty dishes that you get to cook when you become a part of our Chef @ Home Cooking Academy. All the ingredients can be...


Roasted Corn Cob

Simple and delicious. Get the most flavour from corn by cooking it this way! If you are looking for a tasty addition to any meal then watch this quick video to learn how to create a delicious roasted corn cob. You can cook this in your oven or on...

potato patties

Potato Patties

Great addition to a BBQ spread, with breakfast or served with salad. You can adjust this recipe to suit vegetarian or vegan diets. You could leave the bacon out of this recipe to make it vegetarian if you wish. If you are interested in vegetarian cooking and learning new...


Roast Beef

Warm roasted meat to share in winter! In the colder months warmth is sought from the foods that we eat. Roasting meats makes for the perfect combination of warmth, flavour and ease. It also creates warmth in the home as it is a traditionally social way to enjoy a meal. Australian oyster...


Cheese Ravioli Filling

This filling is as cheesy as it can get! The ricotta gives the filling lightness and volume which balances the melted cheese really nicely. You can replace the cheddar with any other cheese of your liking - gorgonzola is definitely a good choice if you like the bite...


Pasta with Mint & Pea Pesto

Put a fresh spin on your pesto! The fresher and younger the peas that you use - the sweater tasting they will be. This recipe serves 4. Ingredients 2 cups green peas (use frozen peas as replacement) 1 medium sized onion, peeled 2 garlic cloves, peeled 1-tablespoon butter ½ cup of stock...


Mediterranean Mussel Broth

Mussels are quick to cook, they are cheap, and they taste delicious! This is the type of dish that can be suited to summer days or winter nights. Its so versatile, and although its really easy to steam mussels they do come across as an impressive...


Tabbouleh Salad

Tabbouleh is a fresh and tasty vegetarian side dish.   Traditionally Middle Eastern and North African, tabbouleh compliments many meat dishes. It's fresh crisp flavour is great served with barbequed meats, fish or chicken. Ingredients 2 cups bulgur* 2 cups boiling water 1 bunch flat-leaf parsley 1 bunch mint 4 tomatoes 1 cucumber 3 spring onions juice of ½ lemon ⅓ cup olive...

Raw Orange Cake

Raw desserts are just as delicious, if not more so, than the traditional alternatives. Using his knowledge of exquisite baking, Walter has created raw dessert recipes that do not require baking, are free of refined sugar and gluten, and are suitable for vegans. This particular recipe is for a delicious Raw Orange...


Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream

Create your own ice-cream at home! You can use this vanilla bean ice-cream to serve as a side to another dessert, or serve it alone as a hero dish with berries or fruits. Home-made ice-cream is a great way to impress guests! This vanilla bean recipe is quite simple...


Grilled Chicken Tortillas

Mexican food is not only delicious, it is fun and easy to prepare, and great for sharing amongst groups of friends and family.   Today we are sharing a simple chicken tortilla recipe. These can be made as small entrée/entertaining pieces, or as larger main size meals. Ingredients (serves 6) 4 chicken...

Raw Vegetable Noodle Salad

Following from the holiday season, we think it may be time to start looking at healthy eating, summer salads, and detox-type foods!   Here at Trupp Cooking School we believe that even the healthiest meals should still be exciting for your taste buds! Thus, today we have a...


Energy Balls

We prepared these delicious energy balls during our presentation at the Mind Body Spirit Festival last week also!   These balls are quick and easy to prepare, they are great as a snack during the day, and great for kids as well. They are also good to...


Cooked Grain Porridge

Last week we presented healthy carbohydrate recipes at the Mind Body Spirit Festival. This Cooked Grain Porridge recipe was one of the delicious recipes we prepared at the festival.   We love this dish as a breakfast or a snack after work. It is also great for...


Red Duck Curry Recipe

Red Duck Curry Recipe (Serves 4) 1 whole duck Little oil for roasting 3-tablespoon red curry paste 6-8 kaffir lime leafs 1 bunch Thai basil 3 table spoon green peppercorns in brine, drained 6-6 small Thai eggplant (use I normal one as replacement and cut into 2 cm large cubes) 1 red capsicum core...