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White Chocolate Mousse_12300

White Chocolate mousse with Drunken Plums

  A perfect share for two for Valentines Day! You cannot go wrong with serving up a chocolate mousse for a special romantic home  dinner on Valentines Day. If you are dining in, try this simple to make White Chocolate Mousse with  Drunken Plums to add some extra spice...

Traditionally French!

Flour less Chocolate soufflé

Traditionally French!  This is the most delicious chocolate soufflé! It is very easy to do and does not collapse easily. You can pre-make all the components of the dessert well ahead of time. What you cannot do is the whisking of the egg white, this you will have...

Basque Country Road Trip Cooking Class

Almond Mousse with Apricot and Rosemary Coulis and Compote

This amazing dessert comes from our newly developed Basque Country Road Trip Cooking Class.  It is rich in flavour and very easy to prepare, a perfect dinner party dessert that will impress your guests. Enjoy ! Ingredients: Serves 4 Preparation time 1 hour You need for the almond mousse 2 leafs of...


Poppy Seed Strudel

This poppy seed strudel recipe showcases the distinctive taste of poppy seed filling that is so popular in European sweets rolled inside a yeast dough crust. Unlike many recipes, this one does not skimp on the poppy seed. This is not like wimpy poppy seed...

Raw Orange Cake

Raw desserts are just as delicious, if not more so, than the traditional alternatives. Using his knowledge of exquisite baking, Walter has created raw dessert recipes that do not require baking, are free of refined sugar and gluten, and are suitable for vegans. This particular recipe is for a delicious Raw Orange...


Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream

Create your own ice-cream at home! You can use this vanilla bean ice-cream to serve as a side to another dessert, or serve it alone as a hero dish with berries or fruits. Home-made ice-cream is a great way to impress guests! This vanilla bean recipe is quite simple...


Ginger bread soufflé with ale sabayon and cranberry compote

Here we have a final Christmas day recipe for you before the big day next week! Combining the festive flavours of ginger bread and cranberry, this soufflé is sure to impress your guests on Christmas day. Ginger bread soufflé Recipe - Serves 8 Ingredients  80 gm butter Butter to grease the mould 75 gm caster...


Fruit Mince Pies

Only three week now until Christmas! Its time to start preparing all the delicious treats that you can share with your family. Why not make your own fruit mince pies for Christmas this year?! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Christmas Fruit Mince Pies[/caption] Ingredients for Pastry 180g unsalted butter 240g plain flour 1/4...


Spanish Churros with Chocolate Sauce

Here is an easy recipe for a popular Spanish dessert! Spanish churros are great to share as a dessert after a meal, or to enjoy with tea of coffee. Churros (Spanish doughnuts) with hot chocolate sauce Recipe (4-6 serves)  Donuts Ingredients 125ml milk Pinch of salt 50gm butter 75gm flour 2 eggs 50gm caster sugar 1...