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Mango coconut foam soup

Mango Coconut Foam Soup

  A recipe for the Molecular Gastronomy Class: This mango coconut foam soup is rich, airy and just a bit spicy. Since it’s culinary foam instead of a traditional liquid soup, the texture is different than what many people will expect, which adds a new dimension to...


How to make Colombian Arepas

A tasty and simple corn snack originating from Columbia. It is made from corn and these are one of the most popular foods in Columbia. Arepas are eaten for breakfast lunch and dinner. They are often split and filled with all types of filling or...


Poppy Seed Strudel

This poppy seed strudel recipe showcases the distinctive taste of poppy seed filling that is so popular in European sweets rolled inside a yeast dough crust. Unlike many recipes, this one does not skimp on the poppy seed. This is not like wimpy poppy seed...


Goat cheese Tarte with Butternut Confit

  This is just such a great entrée designed and personally crafted by Walter Trupp. This dish is easily learnable, among many other beautiful and tasty dishes that you get to cook when you become a part of our Chef @ Home Cooking Academy. All the ingredients can be...


Potato Fish Cakes

A healthy and delicious version of the typical fish cake with steamed vegetables. This is a great way to utilize left over fish (raw or cooked). It is also a good recipe for using cheaper or flakier fish, which may not be suitable for grilling or...


Roast Beef

Warm roasted meat to share in winter! In the colder months warmth is sought from the foods that we eat. Roasting meats makes for the perfect combination of warmth, flavour and ease. It also creates warmth in the home as it is a traditionally social way to enjoy a meal. Australian oyster...


Spicy Bean & Avocado Tostados

Spice up your life this winter! Mexican food is fun, great tasting, spicy and great for sharing. These little toasted tortillas are vegetarian, and can be rolled up and eaten as a snack or served alongside other Mexican dishes. You can also substitute the cheddar cheese...


Cheese Ravioli Filling

This filling is as cheesy as it can get! The ricotta gives the filling lightness and volume which balances the melted cheese really nicely. You can replace the cheddar with any other cheese of your liking - gorgonzola is definitely a good choice if you like the bite...


Red Wine Sauce

Who doesn't love a French red wine sauce! This sauce is perfect with any dark meat. It also goes well with chicken, pork or veal and actually goes really well with fish for those who like a stronger sauce. Add a little touch of refinement to any...


Pasta with Mint & Pea Pesto

Put a fresh spin on your pesto! The fresher and younger the peas that you use - the sweater tasting they will be. This recipe serves 4. Ingredients 2 cups green peas (use frozen peas as replacement) 1 medium sized onion, peeled 2 garlic cloves, peeled 1-tablespoon butter ½ cup of stock...


Mediterranean Mussel Broth

Mussels are quick to cook, they are cheap, and they taste delicious! This is the type of dish that can be suited to summer days or winter nights. Its so versatile, and although its really easy to steam mussels they do come across as an impressive...


Mushroom Soup

This mushroom soup is particularly healthy! It is one of the recipes that is recommended for the GAPS diet, so it is good for your intestinal and gut health. This soup is full of flavour, and can be served as a main meal or eaten as a...


Baked Goat Cheese

This tasty little treat is an extremely quick and easy to prepare! Lovely to serve as an item on a sharing plate, as a small entrée or alongside other tapas dishes. The beautiful flavour of goats cheese is lightly infused with the tomato and garlic when baked. This delightful little dish can be...


Creamy Seeded Mustard Sauce (perfect for Salmon)

This sauce is absolutely delicious! Not to creamy, as it is balanced by the vinegary mustard. It perfectly compliments salmon, and its also great with mashed potato. You need to cook the salmon beautifully as well to master this dish, but that is a lesson for another time....


Lobster Bisque

Have you ever wished that you could create restaurant style shellfish recipes at home? Here it is! This lobster bisque recipe would be excellent for making a dinner party impressive. Wow your family or your guests! Serve its as an entrée, or as a main with lobster meat,...


Olive, Tomato and Calamari Tapenade

Tapenade can be served as a dip, added to pasta dishes, spread on sandwiches, or used as an accompaniment to meat. This salty treat is also perfect for enjoying with a glass of wine. Traditionally it is made in a mortar and pestle, but you will get excellent results...


Thai Beef Stir-fry

Add a bit of spice to your beef! This Thai beef stir-fry is extremely quick and easy to prepare. Keeping things simple is sometimes not only convenient, but also very tasty. You can serve this with rice, or you could also add some other vegetables to the...


Spaghetti Carbonara

Carbonara is a quick and easy recipe that never disappoints! Mushrooms can be a great inclusion into this dish. If you would like to add mushrooms allow three medium sized mushrooms per serve and add them at the same time as the bacon. If you want to add some chili...


Bacon Potatoes

These are one of the tastiest ways to enjoy potatoes! Serve them as a dish by themselves with sour cream and salad, or as a compliment to barbequed meats. Depending on the size of potato you use, and wether you are serving the potatoes as a main...