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Creme Brulee

Crème Brule

  Crème Brule is an all time classic delicacy that melts on your tongue. If you want to flavour your Crème Brule with things like passion fruit, berry coulis, Malibu or Grand Marnier you need to reduce the amount of milk content by however much additional...


How to make Colombian Arepas

A tasty and simple corn snack originating from Columbia. It is made from corn and these are one of the most popular foods in Columbia. Arepas are eaten for breakfast lunch and dinner. They are often split and filled with all types of filling or...


Poppy Seed Strudel

This poppy seed strudel recipe showcases the distinctive taste of poppy seed filling that is so popular in European sweets rolled inside a yeast dough crust. Unlike many recipes, this one does not skimp on the poppy seed. This is not like wimpy poppy seed...



Why don't you spoil yourself with home-made Croissants. This recipe comes form our our Pastry Masterclass Cooking Class. Ingredients 625g/1lb 5oz strong white flour, plus extra for rolling out 12g/½oz salt 75g/3oz sugar 20g/¾oz dried yeast 500g/1lb 2oz butter, chilled 8 sticks chocolate (optional) 1 free-range egg, beaten Preparation method 1; dissolve the yeast in...


Lemon and Coconut Yoghurt Tart

Let's get spoiled today with Lemon and Coconut Yoghurt Tarte This beautiful cake is been prepared by Mark, one of our past student's who shared with us the photo of a final dish. We are so pleased to see how he cultivates his passion to cooking...


Spicy Beef, Pumpkin and Chickpea Tajine

There is a perfect dish to brighten up your winter evenings. This Tajine is spicy, warm, mildly sweet and nourishing ! It takes only 40 minutes to prepare and it will impress your family and friends. Give it a try and for more inspiration visit Trupp...


Slow Cooked Chicken & Mushroom Stew

What better meal than Stew to eat as the weather turns cold, and what better way to cook meat than Slow Cooking! This slow cooked chicken meal will nourish you and warm your body and soul. It is a great way to shield th body from...


Burnt Sage & Butter Pasta with Roasted Walnuts

The simple things are quite often the best! This sauce is absolutely amazing with all types of pasta. It is especially magical with meat or seafood stuffed ravioli or gnocchi. This is not to say it isn't extremely impressive even when kept simple;  with some top...


Three Pasta Secrets that you need to know!

Revolutionise the way you cook pasta! Walter would like to unveil 3 secrets that he believes may change the way you cook, prepare and enjoy your pasta dishes. The truth is there are many more than 3 interesting facts about pasta cooking, but these are 3 of...


Tuna Pasta Salad

A great dish to create in advance and serve cold or keep for work or school lunches. This recipe is crisp and subtle and can be used as the base for a variety of pasta dishes. You may choose to add all types of salad leafs and...


Buckwheat Waffles

When you think of Waffles this probably con jours up thoughts of an unhealthy breakfast option. But this does not have to be the case! Buckwheat is gluten free, and when you serve these with a dollop of sour cream and some fresh berry compote; they are delicious...


No Better Way to Begin!

Are you one of those people that can't even boil water? Do you want to learn to cook but don't know where to start? Do not be overwhelmed! And know that it is never to late to start, and you are not alone! We can help...


Chicken Mushroom & Lemon Risotto

Risotto is always a delicious idea! Italian food is always hearty and soul soothing. If you would love to learn an array of Italian recipes then check out this class: Escape to Italy Ingredients 1.5 cups of chicken stock or vegetable stock 1 tablespoon butter 1/4 onion, peeled and finely...


Puff Pastry

Versatile and Mouth-watering! You might be baking a pie or any number of delicious deserts. In that case you are going to need to make some perfectly crafted puff pastry to top it all off and add that midas touch. Pastry is quite simple to make. You...


Sexy Chocolate Sauce

For the love of chocolate! Why not?! Valentines Day is next week so we think that you lovers of chocolate should indulge! Here we have a chocolate sauce recipe that is so versatile. You could use it on your ice cream, with spanish donuts, aside pudding or cake,...


Better Cooking Skills = Better Health!

Cook your way to better health In Australia food can be seen as entertainment. We love to talk about it, we love to be seen to be part of the "foodie" culture, and we like to have access to a wide variety of foods. But people...


Christmas Cake

Its starting to feel a lot like Christmas...